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This virtual selling over V-By technology rocks!!!! I've been selling virtual products from my studios for a very long time, but I have found a new lease on life with a program that allows me the freedom to have my customers meet me "live" over the internet for me to present, create and sell. I have been a V-By member for a month and have already sold one $1600.00 design in less than 1/2 hour.
Hell, I am already hitting the ground

Greg Stopka

Tim Barkley, Manager

As you know,I was very hesitant to try V-By to place my Zina order . I rarely use a computer & am not computer savy by any means ! You finally got me to try it & I was very pleased ! It was easy to follow & fun to see the "real time" jewelry. I would not hesitate to do it again !
Naomi from Hula, Montclair Village, CA

Lisa Whistler, Consultant

IGC Jewellery Services purchased the V-By system in June 2011, at the Las Vegas Jewelry Show. We have been using the system for its video/Audio and image capturing capabilities. The system was perfect for communicating our production and design build outs with our clients around the globe. Not to mention the portability of the system as we can travel with the system to not only document production matters at the factory but matters of concern when visiting clients and sending this to the production teams at the factory prior to returning to the factory , cutting down on turnaround times.

The V-By system has saved my clients time as well as money in decision making, designs concepts, shipping and model making. Model making has never been easier with the video capabilities our clients are able to preview the models after cast prior to going into mold production. V-by has not only saved my clients money and time when making products but has saved me countless hours on the phone that I would normally spend describing matters of production and I can spend more time with my new born 6 month old son. The clarity and the detail in the captures is ‘cut and dry’ to my clients. Matters of concern in the different areas of production are very clear and understood immediately, when in the past these same matters would take countless hours and phone calls to help my clients understand and provide feedback, given the time differences and distances which we all work.

IGC Group a DTC site holder, in the year of 2011 has provided documents which will be included in the annual reporting to the DTC explaining the tremendous value that the V-By system has brought to the IGC Jewellery Manufacturing Services program and has accredited V-By as a money and time saving tool for the IGC Jewellery Services Program for their various clients across the world.

Adam J. Miazga, G.J.G.
General Manager
IGC Jewellery Services

Mr. John Anderson, Designer