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Testimonials ...

I have worked with Deborah and the V-By system, and found it to be simple and effective. Let's face it, most of us in independent jewelry stores wear many hats at once, and sometimes it is difficult to fit everything we need to into one day. Deborah and V-By enabled me to squeeze every last drop out of my day, and to place a much needed fill in order at the same time.
Try it and you'll see!

Peggy Seitzinger,
Merchandise Manager
Roper's Jewelers

I have been working with Deborah for the past two years, purchasing jewelry for the shop via her internet set up. I have loved it! This on line process allows me to speak to Deborah directly and to see exactly what I am buying. Deborah, through this program, is able to carry on a dialogue with me as she shows the jewelry at all angles, makes suggestions and quotes prices.

This way of doing business has allowed me to have access to her and her inventory whenever I need new merchandise and has eliminated the need to go to Las Vegas to see what's new.

I would highly recommend this way of communication and purchasing.

Judy Glaister,
Vice Pres Glaister Jewelry.

This testimonial is from Jackie Ellington, owner of Smith's Jewelers in Dublin, GA age 77!! Her take on V-BY: "I think it's great! I'm at home and relaxed, with no one hanging over my shoulder. V-BY has wonderful clarity. I can't belive I liked it so much, I resisted the internet for so long."

Hi Gary! Just wondering if you could give me a couple of statements about your experience with the V-By program we used and how you would rate it on scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the best?
Thanks! Kristen Holtvedt
Here is what Simon Jewelers sent back to me about V-By , 10!!