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The webinar was brilliant! One hour seemed like 15 minutes! Great presenters, great information, I was making notes the whole time. I can't imagine any manufacturer/rep or retailer not being able to see the obvious benefits of V-By. As a retailer I think there is a whole segment of our local population that could be very lucrative clients, that we are not reaching because they have no time to come into the store, or are not motivated to come in because they are more comfortable shopping on the computer. Since the webinar I've been thinking about all the professional people I know who are too busy to come into the store, who could be great clients. A very personal presentation of several items, maybe even items we know their spouse has been looking at, in the privacy of their office computer, you can't lose. I know many of these clients shop online now, so to have even better customer service, and from a local store would be a winning combination.Congratulations to Deborah and Tim for all of your hard work. Boy are you on the right track!

Karen Wright, Sales Manager,
Knudtson's Jewelers,

I just had my first "V-BY" experience with Deborah. It was a new experience, and being a techno-peasant made it a little scary at first.

Deborah not only took the time to explain how it worked, she made it easy.
This new technology should have been in our industry years ago. I chose to make it a party at my home with my staff and have popcorn and libations to make it fun and we all had a blast! It made buying fun and was team building at the same time. This is a great alternative to housecalls for both the salesreps and house staff.

I look forward to our next V-BY party........coming to a home near you!

Lori Wear, Spinelle, Napa, CA

I have been doing business with Deborah for many years and found the transition to V-BY to be less difficult than hooking up my web cam!!
I plan to use this tool as I would any other, to the best of it's ability..

Mary Eckels, Gusterman Silversmiths , Denver, Colorado.

My name is Richard Agnew. I am the former CEO of GIA Gem Instruments Corporation, a subsidiary of Gemological Institute of America. I retired in July of 1997.

I have been acquainted with Deborah for 15 years. I first met her while she was employed at another company. I was so impressed with her that I tried to hire her into our sales organization to no avail. I thought she was excellent material and I could envision her becoming Director of Sales at some future date. I was successful in getting her to represent our products on a part time percentage basis. Deborah also worked with us at trade shows. She instantly became an important component of our team.

Personality wise, Deborah is a magnet, always outgoing, always positive, always helpful, willing and hard working..
I have never seen her down.

I know she is an excellent Graduate Gemologist. I know that she represents all of her clients in the most professional way possible. She is extremely intelligent and it goes without saying she practices the highest of ethics.

It has been my pleasure to enjoy knowing Deborah for these many years.