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Why fewer customers might be walking through your door;

*Older customers have already purchased most of their important jewelry

*Younger customer are more transient & too busy

*Customers go online to do research and purchase jewelry at their convenience

Reasons why you might be buying less NEW jewelry;

*Sales of NEW jewelry is down.

*You aren’t able to attend the jewelry shows

*There are fewer reps coming to your store




Retailers take note!

Besides making beautiful jewelry, you also want a designer that supports your business. Zina Sherman is doing just that! She wants to make it easy for your staff to buy and wear her jewelry.    Because she knows…the best way to sell jewelry is to wear it!



TBird Jewels “When ordinary is not enough!”

Located in Summerland, a suburb of Las Vegas, NV. Visit today!



The best way to sell jewelry…when they do walk in your doors.

It’s hard to imagine that I’ve been selling jewelry for over 30 years… That being said, I guess I’ve learned a thing or two about sales and human interaction along the way.

Last night while attending a performance of Wicked with 5 of my girlfriends, I was reminded, once again, of the absolute best way to sell jewelry. Just wear it! Everyone of those women commented, with positive enthusiasm, on the pieces I was wearing . Even though I don’t sell retail jewelry, I was still asked about prices and if I’d take payments! The same scenario was true while I traveled through Texas last month. I was stopped by several women while checking in at the airport, enjoying a meal and visiting the Kennedy Memorial. They all asked where they could buy the jewelry I was wearing. Over the past 20 years, it has become a mantra for Zina Sterling “If Deborah is wearing it, they will buy it.” Of course design also plays a large part in this equation. But, if you put a good design together with a hand, neck or ear… it becomes a piece of jewelry that women can relate to and visualize on themselves. If your retail staff is passionate about a specific designer, have them wear a piece, speak about the trends it highlights and sell it off their bodies! My “take away” from this is that every day your retail staff wears the store jewelry is just another way of advertising and showing your expertise as a business. (It’s also an obvious reason why hiring female sales staff is a necessity!) Some designers may even be willing to work out a deal for your staff to model their jewelry. Selling jewelry today has to be even more personal than ever. Making it possible for the consumer to really relate to a piece of jewelry doesn’t happen by merely looking into a display case. It reminds me of the movie Field of Dreams, “Wear it and they will come.” Good advice!







A Consumer's Dream!

Your customer will appreciate this convenience new way to work! It's easy and convenient for them. Especially during these busy times!