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Who Is V-By technology for ?

V-By technology speaks directly to anyone who wants to incorporate smart technology to emulate the face to face sales experience, grow their customer base and record quality videos for individual sales or marketing purposes using the same simple equipment.

I originally created V-By (Virtual-By…) as a veteran independent road rep because I saw the need to introduce safer and more cost effective ways to conduct my business.

During the development of V-By technology, I knew I had to copy the “live, face-to-face” experience of sitting with my clients in their stores. It was at that time that I was able to identified the 2 most important elements: Firstly, my clients had to know that I was physically there and able to answer their questions or address their issues in the moment. Secondly, I had to show them product so perfectly that they could order without hesitation. V-By does both of those things and has begun to get traction throughout the jewelry industry.

V-By began as an online selling tool for the wholesale jewelry industry. Today it has grown to include video marketing and educational capabilities. Each of these tools allows the seller to connect with the buyer in new and cost effective ways.