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About Us

I have been a member of the fine jewelry industry for 35+ years and am familiar with the responsibilities of both the retailer and wholesaler. My jewelry background includes owning 3 full service retail jewelry stores in Hawaii Profile picture 10.13with a staff of 15 as well as being an independent wholesale jewelry rep on the road for over 20 years.

Both paths have awarded me a solid and positive reputation by my industry. In 2007 I watched the economy turn and knew in order to survive, I would have to make some drastic changes in my business model. My thoughts during this process were published in the JCK magazine;


It was at that time that I began to convert my face-to-face sales business into a virtual online business allowing me to save on expenses, diminish the danger on the road and spend more time with my family.

Soon after I created V-By technology, a new way to conduct business with my clients over the Internet, other members of the jewelry industry began showing interest in my methods. I am now recognized as having developed V-By as a way to add new streams of income using the computer.