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Welcome to V-By technology!

This website is the answer to using better, “smarter” technology to conduct business in today’s transient and global marketplace. It speaks directly to 3 audiences: the wholesale designer or sales rep, the retail store owner and yes, of course the consumer.


Reasons why you might be selling to fewer stores and therefore selling less merchandise:
*Fewer retailers are attending the trade shows
*You aren’t able to purchase a booth at the trade show
*You don’t have reps covering the entire USA
*You’re a small designer that isn’t able to retain a rep
*Not enough capital to produce product for a rep to carry
*The insurance is too expensive/cost prohibitive

V-By technology addresses these issues & is meant for you!


Why fewer customers might be walking through your door;
*Older customers have already purchased most of their important jewelry
*Younger customer are more transient & too busy
*Customers go online to do research and purchase jewelry at their convenience
Reasons why you might be buying less NEW jewelry;

*Sales of NEW jewelry is down.
*You aren’t able to attend the jewelry shows
*There are fewer reps coming to your store

V-By technology addresses these issues!


Would buying jewelry be more convenient, enjoyable and easier for you:
*If you could see the jewelry “live” in HD over your computer?
*If an expert could answer your questions immediately “live” over your computer?
*If you could meet that expert over your computer while in the comfort of your home or office?
Would you buy jewelry from a retail store/expert that had the capability to meet with you in a video conference, show you jewelry in HD and answer all of your questions?

Tell your favorite retailer to use V-By technology!